At philadelphia voice that matters iOS conference

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I am at Philadelphia now. I came here for the VTM iOS conference. Took southwest Air from STL this evening, arrived phl slightly after 10. Planned taking the shuttle, but could not reach the guy per his instruction. Took train to market east/Philly conference center , then called a taxi to hotel. Saw quite some people on street on the way to society hill Sheraton. It seems free AT&T wifi only works on my iPhone, not MacBook. So I settle on iPhone for tomorrow conference info and how to get there.

I also wrote this post via wordpress iPhone app. It requires wp 2.9 but my Stlplace blog was still at 2.0.2 🙁

Oh, by the way, it seems apple fixed myNestEgg app update (1.1) stuck in “upload received” status. It’s in “wait fore review” mode now. This update will fix some of the bugs.

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