myNestEgg 1.2 released

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Known problem in version 1.2
(11-21-2010) I received a user bug report this morning: the calculation results is not right due to the extra comma separator in “beginning savings” and “salary”. I fixed the problem this afternoon and submitted the binary (version 1.3) to App store. Stay tuned.


What’s New in Version 1.2
1) Add new icons for the tab bars (the 3 bars at the bottom);

2) Add “shake” function to “Settings” tab bar. When at “Settings” tab, if the user shakes the phone gently, the rates will reset to default values: 7% annual investment return, 2% annual inflation. Note the user still needs to tap “Set Rates” button to make the rates take effect.

3) Fix the minor problem where the inflation rate picker moves when the user switches to the “settings tab”. Note this behavior has not affected calculation results.

I just found a bug shortly after the release. If someone reports the problem to me, he/she will have the opportunity to win the $25 Amazon gift card.

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