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If you are iOS developer who has sold app (or ads, in-app purchase) on iTunes App store, the iTunes connect Financial Report is no stranger to you. Personally I published my 1st paid app to the App store last Sept, and I have since received financial report email notifications, and direct deposit. I did not pay much attention to the dates because the earnings are small amounts. I do understand Apple does things in its own fiscal calendar (developer can get it after log into iTunes Connect).

That is until recently, I found an interesting phenomena or glitch if you well. It took me a while to figure out the answer. Basically as of today I have not received the financial report for April, while I received the March earnings report on March 31. So I went to the “Payments and Financial Reports” section after log in iTunes Connect, and click the “Owed” tab, I noticed I received February Financial Report on March 18, and January report on Feb 18. See the patten here? Apple says it usually releases report 30 days after the month closes. Quote Apple (I got this answer from “Contact US”, then select appropriate topic:)

When/how will I receive financial reports?
Financial reports are distributed once a month and are available for download exclusively through the Payments and Financial Reports module of iTunes Connect. Financial reports are generally available for a given month by the end of the following month.

So this confirms my theory: Apple releases March report earlier than usual, which leads me to think it would release April report shortly after month closes. The usual time frame is around May 18.

Related question: when will I get paid?
Apple is quite consistent on this, it appears to me they do direct deposit 15 days after issuing financial report. This of course assumes:
1) A developer has set up the bank and tax information, agree with the contract (aka paper work);
2) Meets Apple’s threshold of $150 (it appears to me this rule is not strictly enforced).

Bonus question: why Apple release March report earlier?
hint: think about its fiscal calendar again 🙂

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