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Create .NET WCF Restful web service for iOS

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I need to create a .NET web service consumable by iOS device. Did some research and found out WCF Restful service is the way to go. I used the following examples (tutorials) to construct my web service.

0) Basic Resource Service (link here).
This is basically a self hosting web service run in a main program. A good starting point to learn dataContract, webHttp, etc.

1) I need to change from a console app to a web service, and host on IIS, for this refer to
project 1
2(Space Service, a WCF web service app)

2) I need to combine 2 services into one program, and I referred to plural sight podcast “Building RESTfil services with WCF”

The video above mentioned the httputil.js, HTTP POST/PUT utility, which is handy to test “POST” method. Another tool I used to test GET/POST, is “fiddler”.

A Guide to Designing and Building RESTful Web Services with WCF 3.5, also by Aaron Skonnard, Pluralsight

Essentially here we need to design a scheme (end points) for hosting multiple services.

3) Database connection, I used sql client, which is pretty vanilla.

4) Use pretty path instead of port number (routing service, refer to SimpleREST service again)

Also “code project” example

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