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Serenity started preschool a week ago, on Friday. When she started toddler program, since I need to go to work early in the morning, I have not been able to drop her off or pick her up much for first semester. Since I joined my current employer, I got more flexibility, and I got to see her more inside and outside classroom. I obviously miss the infant toddler community too, as I spent quite some time there (drop off, pick up, other gatherings). On her last day, we got the bags, put her stuff from her cubby, and said good bye to her teachers.

I have been to her preschool a few times (tour, a parent teacher gathering), I just realized it’s much bigger in terms of space, and population. So less intimacy (or cozy) feelings. But we like the teachers and it’s the same system (Hope Montessori). Minor things like fast cars on the parking lot (5 miles speed limit) bothers me a bit, but not terribly. I guess as parents we just need to be watchful of our kids in parking lot. Because each teacher is responsible for more kids (of course kids are older), it will take a while for parents to get familiar with teachers.

This moving from toddler program to pre-school thing reminds me a bit like our daughter was born, the doctor delivered the baby, in no time they cleaned up the baby, and put the baby in a scale (and light) to weigh her. Sometimes I wish things could move a bit slower. But this is the case of our modern society.

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