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(Update 09-27-13) I think it’s a bit silly people are all over the motion-sickness caused by iOS 7. I found the new Safari “color effect under address bar when the web page moves up” cool, it took me a while to figure out why the color on the top is changing sometimes (very subtle 🙂

(Original 09-25-13) I updated my iPad mini from iOS 6.1.2 to iOS 7 (upgrade to 6.1.3 first) in the weekend, when I saw the tide is turning to iOS 7 for the iDevices 🙂

Some impressions
Motion fact, when one rotate or moves the iDevice, cool;

Warm and fuzzy (screen saver, password screen), control center;

Enterprise deployment change (ad hoc deployment now checks version/bundle number);

App: Zite, the close article (x check mark) is at bottom left, previously user tap background, note the new icon for sharing;

Safari, again note the new icon for sharing, bookmark, history.

By the way, I am tweeting some of my iOS 7 observations on twitter using #iOS7transition.

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