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It has been almost 6 years since iOS SDK first came out (early 2008, source: wikipedia), and the industry is entering a consolidation stage. From my own experience, last year, iOS developers are widely sought after for enterprise app development, and among digital/marketing agencies. But it has a few caveats:

1) Many new developers, some with web development background, have gained experience on app store, and started working for consulting agencies. This trend drives down the hourly rate for iOS developers;

2) From development point of view, some customers realized it’s too costly to develop and maintain native app, and in some cases native apps are not needed. On the other hand, javascript/html5 apps gained some more momentum with the introduction of new frameworks such as AngularJS.

3) The consolidation of iOS/android/mobile custom development firms. Latest example: MartianCraft: its co-founder Jeff Larmache is one of the first iPhone author/developer (his blog here).

In the next series, I will talk about the app store. Got this idea from my own experience and this BI article.

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