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I have listened to Paul Kemp’s the App Guy Podcast (TAGP) recently, got to know this from @raywenderlich via twitter. Paul’s podcast is not purely technical, it’s more about entrepreneurship, and start own business. It’s an interview format. Paul usually asks indie developers (iOS, web, etc.) questions on how they get started, any pain points or difficulties to strike out on own, vs. getting steady paycheck from corp. Paul himself is an indie developer/podcast too. I think Paul is a good interviewer because he asks good questions, which reminds me of other good/great interviewer such as Charlie Rose (PBS/CBS), and Wealthtrack’s Consuelo Mack (formerly PBS). Again this is not only about blocks, MVC, Xcode, but more about going indie (independent developer).

Another good podcast, which started recently, is raywenderlich’s. There we have Ray plus 4 developers (Tammy, Jake, Felipe, and Mic). It’s more technical, but it also covers going indie. For that matter, the 4 podcasters have been going indie for some time, and Ray himself was an independent developer before the tutorial site/book took off. So they have a lot to share. And we (as techies) got to listen all the nitty gritty of NSNotifications, design patterns as well, which is cool.

Last but not least, Daniel and Manton has this CoreIntuition podcast, going on for a while. Both are long time mac indie developers. I have seen Daniel at one conference, and he is a nice guy too. So as Ray Wenderlich, and Kurby Turner (the author of Learning iPad Programming book, and the guest on TAGP episode 3).

Also note I learned all the podcast via iTunes.

PS, both Paul and Ray reached out to me via email or social media about my post. Note I have not talked to them before writing this. They are indeed very gracious and professional people. That’s one reason I like this Mac/iOS/indie community 🙂

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