Developer EQ series : 1

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Beat up people in code review or interview;

Change other developers’ code without proper communication, or reasoning; worse, making the working code no longer work (sometimes to satisfying the “tests” 🙂

Learn, learn something everyday;

Acknowledge our own limitations: acknowledge our mistakes if applicable, we all do make mistakes;

In the same token, when we learn something from someone else, show our appreciation;

PS, also came across this piece “assertiveness from developers” by Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror), which I think is excellent. Essentially the point there is be a good developer is not to be a “nice person to everyone”. A good developer uses his/her best judgement, and speaks from his/her own mind, which includes saying something make other stakeholder uncomfortable (as long as it’s fair and honest statement).

And, slightly off topic, this one “Your Company Is Not A Family” from HBR (Harvard Business Review).

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