Some tips for submit updated app to iTunes store post iOS8

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With (before) the release of iOS8, I noticed the iTunes Connect web interface has also been changed. But today is the first time I submit my app (update) to the store for last few months. There are some changes.

1) First, there is no “ready to submit app” button in the iTunes Connect, instead we just create a new version at ITC;

2) After that, we load the app to the app store, I used good old Xcode 5.1.1, which is the minimum version Apple requires now. Now here is a tip when submit from Xcode organizer, when I run “validate” before submit, it says I could not change “bundle” number, which I have not. Looking more carefully, it appears the good old Xcode 5.1.1 got confused with which app profile to use, and it picked the wrong one all the time. So I manually corrected it. After that I was able to upload the binary.

3) There is one more step, the actual “submit for review”, in the past the step 2) is sufficient. Now there is this extra step. In this step, it will ask questions similar to the questions being asked when we do “ready to submit” in the ITC in the past (before this change). In my case, since the app has “iAd”, it insists me check the Ad identifier selection, and after I check that, it let me submit (note I will try couple times, eventually I started over). But it appears not let me check “no” in the Ad section. This appears to be a glitch, I was able to submit my other 2 apps without any problem when checking no for the Ad identifier. There is another glitch though, that is I have to quit the app, before pick the newly added build, and submit for review. In summary, it appears ITC web page needs some work.

I will report more when/if I find anything new next time I submit app update. I noticed there is new marketing collaterals such as the preview video, and screenshots for 4.7/5.5 inch screen. My gut feeling is those will be required after this transition period. So hurry up if you have some app or update to release 🙂

(PS, 09-28-2014) One more thing, I noticed if I wanted to reject a binary (a build in new term), I need to create a new version. In the past, I could upload a newer binary with same version number. I think it’s probably a good idea to limit this back and forth. Note Apple added testFlight capability too. It should help app testing.

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