How to install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Phone

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One drawback of Fire Phone does not come with Google Play Store pre-installed. It comes with Amazon App Store instead, which has a much smaller collection. For instance, I could not find BoA app, wechat and all the Google apps there. Fortunately there is way to get around it, with the Google Play Store the Fire Phone becomes a middle range Android phone.

Make sure you do them in the right order: Account Manager, Services
Framework, Play Services, finally Play Store.
Account Manager:

Services Framework:

Play Services:

Play Store:

The first one you try to install (Account Manager) you’ll get a warning that it’s an unknown source and offer to take you to settings. Go to settings and enable App Installation (allows installations from other sources (read: Google Play))

Courtesy of qzmtl at mitbbs. This is the most simple instructions to install Play Store on Fire Phone. And I did it in 5 minutes or so.

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