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Note this is also available at github.

(10-06-2015 Update 2) Came across this one by tutsplus. Also the thoughts by Erica and savyapps.

(09-28-2015 Update) Came across this tutorial by madeupbypeople. Looks good. Also, note Xcode 7.1 beta 2 is coming out, along with iOS 9.0.1

(09-19-2015 Original) My Apple TV dev kit arrived. I haven’t done iOS dev for a while, not even get around the Apple Watch (I use a Fitbit Charge personally). But this new Apple TV thing seems really interesting, with all these TVML and TVJS things. There are not many tvOS tutorial right now, as this is really new and not many people get around it yet. But here are some I saw.

The following two both talked about TVML, TVJS and TVMLKit (the glue between TVML, JavaScript, and your native tvOS application per Kelvin Lau, see below). I know for traditional iOS developers Javascript may not be their favorite language (think Objective-C), but with the introduction of Swift, combined with the growth of popularity of Javascript in web development (both frontend and backend), we should at least pay attention to it. It’s much easier to setup a simple content navigation framework using Javascript and CSS (think websites) instead of Objective-C/Swift.

raywenderlich (Kelvin Lau @KelvinlauKL): Beginning tvOS Development with TVML Tutorial

Jameson Quave (@jquave)Developing tvOS Apps for Apple TV [Part 1] and Developing tvOS Apps for Apple TV [Part 2]

Mastering the tvOS Focus Engine: saw this at airbnb blog, this one is interesting because it talked about the focus and remote control. Note the game market is one focus of new Apple TV.

Quick Tip: How to use the remote control in your TVOS Apps for Apple TV in SWIFT

This one Hands-on with the tvOS SDK talked about porting iOS app to tvOS (note this is not a recommended approach). Nonetheless it’s interesting to see the gesture recognizer etc being discussed there.

I expect more tutorial and development on tvOS as we are close to the new Apple TV launch.

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