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I used the Amazon Fire phone as my personal phone for almost a year. But a recent incident made me decide to switch. I have an iPhone 6 from work since last Sept. But for all the important places such as my daughter’s school I leave my own mobile phone number there. And last week, during a time when I need the Amazon fire to work, it failed. Basically the school bus coordinator wanted to get hold of me because of a mistake on my daughter’s side (she was supposed to go home after the art club activity, but she forgot about that and took bus home right after school, which means there is no grown up to pick her up at the bus stop).

I know one reason I did not answer phone initially was these days most of my unsolicited calls are from spammers (not just recruiters, they are people who tell me I won lottery, won a cruise, or try to sell me cable or home security services). I knew this one is real because the same number called twice. But when I picked up the second call, there is no sound. After a while I did figure out, the speaker on Amazon fire phone ONLY WORKS when I plug in the headphone (the ear phone). So on my way to home, the 3rd call came, this time it worked because I have bluetooth on the car, and I picked up the phone and found out what was happening. It has been about 14 minutes since the first call.

This incident was the main motivator for me to switch back to iPhone. Since I already gave my old iPhone 5s to my wife, I decided order the new SE for her, and then get the old 5s back. Switching back was almost trivial, just swap out the nano SIM card, and also since I had the google contacts managing my address book on Amazon Fire, I just imported them when I added the Gmail to iPhone 5s. I know when switching from iPhone to iPhone, the best approach is via iCloud (to get the contacts moved over).

Now that I switched over, I was hoping this kind of thing does not happen. It could be nerve racking when taking about calls about bus accidents etc.

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