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I used to listen APM: Market Place (NPR) and the Nightly Business Report (PBS => CNBC). I was a business news junkie, and was into stock market. I also listened to a more in-depth podcast: the weathtrack by Consuelo.

More recently, I expanded my podcasts a bit, as you can see from below.

NPR hidden brain: I grew interest in psychology in recent years. It’s very much applicable in the business, work place, and the home.

Developing Perspective: david smith, note he moved on to the under the radar with Marco recently. But very good stuff from indie dev perspective.

Under the radar: by david smith (web, twitter) and marco arment (web, twitter). This is the new podcast launched by David and Marco (the lead developer of tumblr and famous tech blogger).

Release notes: this one is more geared toward developing iOS/Mac apps for business.

raywenderlich.com: I used to listen quite a bit, but have not followed as close as before since I am no longer doing iOS apps.

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