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Or version control. My wife is taking a class at launchcode and she just started learn git, one of the most popular source code control systems. Git has a steep learn curve, in my opinion, but it’s getting popular, widely used and I think that’s the reason they picked it. But I think that could also be a frustration point as I saw some BAs (business analyst) really hated git when it was introduced at my former employer (mercy). It was a switch from SVN to git. For people never worked in software world, version control is also sometimes under appreciated. Although most people can understand the basic concept. Because if we use .001, or .old, .new etc, things can easily get out of control even for one person. I had my first hand experience when I was a grad student doing some coding for FEA software. Sometimes the operating cost of source control is quite high, I recall when I was with ugs, in the earlier days of perforce deployment, it took hours to refresh local repository. And once I did the dumb thing, I kicked off this hours long process twice, had to call my teammate in cypress (right next to Anaheim, the happiest place on the earth, at least for kids), for help. In some places, mostly small shops, I saw people not using source code control. Note I used the word people, not developers, because I believe developers use source control. Two main benefits of source control: 1) back up so that the cat does not eat the code; 2) time machine: we can go back to the good version or release version, so that we have a benchmark in which certain feature used to work 🙂

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