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(Update 31-Jan-2019) I used the Apple watch for 2+ years now. Did have a replacement in Sept 2017 as the old watch just did not work (not charging, not responding). It’s a Nike version but the warranty is still honored by Apple. I brought it to local Apple store and was able to receive a replacement (not sure whether it’s new or refurbished) in a few days. I haven’t had major issues since then. Keep finger crossed and knock on the woods 🙂

(Original 08-Jan-2017) I decided to get Apple Watch last week and I have used it for a few days. The main reason for using Apple Watch was for consolidation. I have two iPhones (one work, one personal) and I have used two wearable devices recently: the Fitbit (from Charge to Charge HR), and the Martian Notifier. Both are good, but either has some weakness. The Fitbit Charge broke shortly after using for a year, they were nice to send me a refurb Charge HR as replacement. The issue with HR is there is a electro-magnet related pain induced by wearing that non-stop, also the battery lasts about 2 days from 5 days 6 months ago. So with Fitbit, I have used their app since Jan 2014, and their device June 2015, liked both their app and websites. But not their devices in terms of build quality and ergonomics.

Martian Notifier was good. Not much complaints. The reason I got it for work was due to the need I don’t want to miss work-related text messages (on-call pagers). It did its job. But I like to have a combined text message notifier and fitbit tracker. Apple Watch seemed fit this bill (no pun intended). I was fairly impressed by its build quality. And the apps for the most part. A few things I can recall:

1) During initial setup, I was a bit confused by the standard “unlock” message, finally I figure out I need to lock the iPhone, unlock it so that the apple watch will also be unlocked.

2) The Sleep tracking. It seems we are going back to the good old jawbone way “push a button before sleep”, “push another button after wakeup”. I did not realize this is not given thinking this is a $369+ device. I am already spoiled by Fitbit seamless sleep tracking. Since my Fitbit Charge is not totally broke, I think may use it combined with the “Sleep++” app.

3) The need of at least iPhone 6 for Apple Pay still applies here. Thought about pairing the watch with my own 5s and found the Apple Pay is not supported. I think this is one downside from Apple: they tend to support newer devices for more iPhone sales.

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