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One St. Louis-area public school among nation’s Top 50 in new rankings

(Below was written in 05-31-2014, about 9 and half years ago, when our old daughter S was at Hope Montessori Academy in Creve Coeur. We love both our daughters’ teachers since then too 🙂

There is a cliche, saying we learn a lot from our kids (being parents). And I would like to add, we learned a lot from S8’s teachers too. Actually many times we can see teachers’ teaching from S8’s daily behavior at home. Sometimes when my partner lost patience when asking S8 to do something, S8 will say “be nice to friends”. Or other times we joked about something, she will say “mommy/daddy, no potty words”.

(Update: 12-23-2023) 

Obviously we have met and worked with a lot more teachers since May 2014. In November 2014 our S8 went to the Immanuel Lutheran Olivette for about 7 months, before she headed off to the Spoede Elementary. She is a 8th grader in the Ladue Middle School now. Note we are very fortunate that we live in one of the best school districts in the state of Missouri: the Ladue School District website: district recognitions web page; and niche.com ranking for the Ladue School District.

Our little S6 followed her big sis’ path, for the most part: she went to ILSO 1st when she was 2 and 3 years old. At 4 year old we sent our little S to the Hope Montessori in Creve Coeur. Now she is a 4th grader at the Spoede Elementary.

And I also volunteers at the school regularly, and had a glimpse of teachers/staff’s work behind the scene, including but not limiting to the work shortly before the pandemic shutdown, during pandemic (do you still remember the Zoom and virtual learning? :-), and post pandemic. I know many teachers and staff because of my volunteer work: it ranges from being a chaperon in the school (kids) field trop, serve on the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO, our PTO is SSA and LMSPA, btw), or the Math Fact Scholars (MFS) program.

To put it in a more tangible way, I have seen PE coaches putting away the tables for us post the MFS morning testing sessions. I have seen music teacher left her sick kid to grandma (her mom, btw, her mom was Spoede teacher too :-), and shuttle back and forth to make sure the kiddo’s musical rehearsal is still on. And teachers volunteered their time and their spouses’ time (and kids’s time) to help move to the new building, and organize, or prep for kids’s musical or Lego League expo (competition); after school academic and other enrichment clubs too.

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