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(Update 01-27-2024) Boeing-737 on Wikipedia. Also Boeing’s revenue breakdown by segment. Also program accounting by TAC The Air Current.

(Update 01-25-2024) Simple Flying – The Boeing 737 vs Airbus A320 – Which Plane Is Best? – Did Boeing learn from past mistakes? Mid-air blowout has again put company on defensive

Boeing’s workforce isn’t as experienced as it used to be, says Melius’ Robert Spingarn

(Original) I recall the famous Warren Buffett said that investing is somewhat like investigative journalism. A lot of my day work (software development) is in some way like that. Reading other people’s code. Trying to understand and ask what and why.

The failure of Boeing 737 MAX is in someway due to “lack of curiosity” from top all the way down.

Boeing 737 MAX Wikipedia

My tweet today 01-16-2024

My tweet on Boeing stock today 01-16-2024: I have a small long position now

Also, came across two Cramer’s takes on Boeing, this one is recent. Another the second one was a few years ago shortly after the 2nd 737 MAX plane downed.

1st one: 01-07-2024

Second one: 10-21-2019

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