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Below is mostly from the School Safety & Security web page

See something, say something => Anonymous Tip Line | Report an Incident – Ladue School District

Parent Procedures

4E’s Tips for Parents – Ladue School District (google doc)

It looks we have some minor issues on the web page above: mainly on the right side “Frequently Asked Questions“. Two things I noticed, and below is 1st corrected one:

All students practice at least 16 drills annually. They consist of at least:

10 Fire Drills
2 Active Intruder Drills
2 Earthquake Drills
2 Tornado Drills

The 2nd issue is 2 questions are repeated – it seems remove the 1st part of the repeated questions/answers will fix both issues.


Why should my child participate in active intruder drills?

Drills are a way for students and staff to practice and be prepared to act in a crisis. Active intruder drills are clearly identified as “Only a Drill,” and we have members of our staff who are trained to assist students with special needs. All students should be trained so that they are not only able to use these skills taught at the school, but also in any dangerous situation they may encounter outside of school.

I have heard my child talk about the “Rally Point.” What is it?

All buildings within the district practice escaping to an offsite location called a Rally Point. The Rally Point is a term used to describe a predetermined location that staff and students ESCAPE to when there is an emergency situation inside the school that requires them to go to a safe location offsite from the campus. The students are shown where the Rally Point is and how to get there. Some schools may have more than one Rally Point.  

In the event of a crisis that requires the temporary evacuation of the building, the Ladue School District has designated a Reunification Point or R.U.P. Should a crisis event occur, the school will be inaccessible except to first responders (police, firefighters, EMS, etc.). To reunite you with your child as quickly as possible, a Reunification Point is established offsite and away from the commotion to aid in reuniting students with their families.


CrisisAlert School Safety Solution – Ladue School District || Leading School Safety Solutions for K-12 Rapid Incident Response | CENTEGIX

I will add more content as time goes: things like best practice, lesson learned etc.

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