A math (algebra) visualization tool – mathway

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A math (algebra) visualization tool – mathway

Bumped into it as this morning my 14 year old asked me a question related to this. Her question is about the “parabola shape and formula”, or how they become narrow or wide. For me I think I probably learned this about 40 years ago (at my 6th or 7th grade, 7th grade more likely). So “in Google I trust” and I found this.

This seems somewhat like AI (or ChatGPT) and also I was a bit surprised to find this is owned by the public company Chegg and the market cap of $CHGG is quite small – (assume they are leading edu tech company, this sector is probably very much segmented).

PS: Now I think the graph calculator probably has this function too. I didn’t have the graph calculator 39 years ago in China – saw it at graduate school at Rolla about 27 years ago

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