Health and PE courses from the Launch

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My 14 year old chose to do both Health and PE from Launch, an online program from Springfield MO school district. And she was doing camp or camp counselor duty as well, with Before Care responsibility for the counselor job. It seems this is more like regular school in steroids or turbo-charged.

I think I failed as a parent that I didn’t do the due diligence on those two online courses. Earlier I thought me sweating over the USPS shipping (potentially losing) the Garmin heart rate monitor was a bit stressful. Now I think about it – my 14 year old trying to make the heart rate monitor happy is much harder. She needs 7 or 7.5 hours per week of physical exercises, with heart rate needs to be above a certain threshold. Hope she can get some more sleep over the weekend and after the camp counselor duty soon.

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