Giovanni’s on the hill

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Went to the Giovanni’s on the hill last night, with a friend from Shanghai. This is the second time I visited the restraunts on the hill, and I almost got lost on Kingshighway. We arrived at the Giovanni’s a bit late because of other errands. My first impression is it’s a fairly formal restraunt, from the dress of waiters and guests. And the pictures on the wall (Bush I and II, Clinton, Reagon, etc). We also saw two limos parked nearby. Apparently there was a big party going on. The service and the food was not as great as we thought. We had lamb and lobster respectively. Maybe their pasta will be better? My friend has been to some more expensive restraunts in D.C. and Europe and told me the services there are very good. The price for an entree is from $ 25 to 35.

The wait time is none because we arrive after 9:45 PM. Better than the Favazza’s, another Italian restraunt on the hill I visited couple years ago.

Here is a link of Italian restaurants from AOL.

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