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Reading Time: 3 minutes You got to eat. I mean we can eat at the Panda Express for Chinese food once a while, but not everyday. Here is some of the places we go these days and I will put a quick one line or 2 comments. In Alphabetical order. Cate Zone: I like their 地三鲜 (this is a

February 27, 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Car accident is probably much more frequent than shooting in the US. But the latter usually gets more news coverage and much more attention. Here in St. Louis we know the shooting situation is bad. But the car accident and car/pedestrian accident are bad too. (Update 27-Feb-2023) This one got national attention recently: ‘I can

February 10, 2023

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 05-22-2023) Today when I was buying a used Herman Miller Aeron Classic chair from them (first noticed it from Facebook), I noticed the developer hired a company called Refurbiture to dispose the furnitures. Here is my post regarding my research on chair etc. (Original) I noticed it from news first, then heard from a

January 17, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes A checklist for Ladue school parents and guardians Buy school supplies; Meet the teacher / community night (bring school supplies if applicable): mainly say hi to teachers and staff, and for the kids to learn where are the classrooms etc. on 1st day; Adjust kids sleep routine: from summer (no school or no camp) schedule

August 18, 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute Below are some pictures and videos from this week’s flash flood in the area. Quote the last article (the last tweet) written by Mr. Tony Messenger. “These sure the hell aren’t 100-year floods,” Criss says. “They’re like two-year floods. It’s staggering.” || We were not flood, but I know some people were impacted or lost

July 30, 2022

Reading Time: 7 minutes (Update May 2023) Added the sleep away outdoor summer camps. Scroll down or search for “sleep away” on this blog post. Also Creve Coeur Racquet Club. (Update Spring 2023) Some minor edits including adding the FB link for the D & A basketball camp. Added Master Qi Martial Arts school (at the end of this

February 11, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update 01-07-2022) The Chinese school starting date for Winter / Spring semester is pushed out by 2 weeks. So the below class will start on Jan 23rd instead of Jan 9th, 2022. Please refer to the SLMCS class link for more up-to-date details. (Original) “Youth self defense” class in the STL Modern Chinese school, this

December 24, 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 2: 06-22-2022) Besides new apartments below (again The Oliver which is almost done as of June 2022, and The Opus Group Multifamily Redevelopment Project at Irvington and Reyem Courts which I assume will take some time / years or months), there are also two townhouses complex. Hilltop West-attached home redevelopment project and Olivette Townhouse

December 18, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes JCC St. Louis (2 locations, Creve Coeur and Chesterfield) are very good. I joined JCC in early 2012 mostly for its exercise facilities. At the time I got discounted rate through my employer, and at the same time the employer paid 3/4 of the membership fee. Over the years I changed my employer couple times,

March 24, 2016
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