Indian food and software developers

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Working in the software development these days also means working with people all over the world. Most notablly, Indian software engineers. I have great respect with my Indian colleagues. I know some of them from my graduate school. But I have to admit I don’t like Indian food. I have been to Indian restaurants in St. Louis several times with my coworkers but I did not really enjoyed it. But this does not means I can stay away from it. Like today.

This week we had food festival at my work place. The idea is everyone bring his/her own favorite dish and share it. I am not a good cooker and I am lazy so I did not participate. During lunch time I felt a strong smell dispersed from a cubicle nearby. Initially I thought it was some American food but later on I realized it’s Indian food (curry, spicy, etc). I had to leave from work early because I just can not stand it. But I think many American coworkers enjoyed it. Now I remember yesterday one of my coworkers asked if I liked Indian food. No wonder he was looking forward to it!

This reminded me of something related. Some of my Chinese friends complained it’s hard to understand Indian English but most American have no problem with it. One time I posed this question to my fellow American graduate student. He told me he would pay more attention when he listened to Indian students but there is no problem in understanding.

Another point I want to make (and I think we Chinese need to learn) is our Indian coworkers know how to market themselves. The food festival is a perfect example. While there are quite some Indian fans among Americans, not everyone likes Indian food (take myself as an example). But they prepared and marketed the food with enthusiasm. That’s what counts. Attitude, not the substance (taste, smell).

Now I wish I would not be at lazy. Maybe next year I will bring some crab rangoon or fried rice.

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