Brutal selling

Reading Time: < 1 minute also Btw, I sense the current market probably wiped out a lot of new retail investors (home gamers in Jim Cramer’s words), or many new Robinhood app users. Last but not least, is this transitory?

Weekend thoughts: what a market and apple fitness+

Reading Time: 2 minutes The stock market continued its downward trend this past week, and on Friday, S&P 500 went down 20% from the beginning of the year, and it officially tested the bear market (20% down is a measurement of bear market). But, per other measures, such as Schiller PE, it’s 36 as of 04-01-2022 (may down a… Continue reading Weekend thoughts: what a market and apple fitness+

Weekly thought 01-22-2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute I listened to or watched a few interesting youtube video and or twitter space recently. The most significant one is the “storytelling”, I believe this is probably as important as “compounding effect” in investing and life time learning. Below is the youtube video, how to speak, by Prof Patrick Winston of MIT Twitter Space (how… Continue reading Weekly thought 01-22-2022

Teach kids programming

Reading Time: < 1 minute I am thinking about this, also there was an ask from two parents. Some of the things I think I can start at first class, also some of the things I am thinking about teaching (more systematic). Starter: raspberry pi (and micro bit), coder master (Sophia’s game), the lego technic motor sets (not coding but… Continue reading Teach kids programming

One set of source code – 12 factors app principle no. 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes For 12 factor application the No. 1 principle is one source code base. Today I was thinking about this topic: one sets of source code for one app, and use configuration for language, region or other different settings for different customers. And this reminded me of some of the articles I read (such as this… Continue reading One set of source code – 12 factors app principle no. 1

Raspberry Pi

Reading Time: 2 minutes Downloaded Noobs image installer (imager_1.6.2) to Mac, unpack (or install) so that I have “Raspberry Pi Imager” on Mac, and then used it to create the bootable OS on the sd card using that software. After that insert the sd card to the appropriate slot on p3, also plugged in hdmi for monitor, and usb… Continue reading Raspberry Pi

Roblox Outage

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 4: 01-21-2022) Roblox published the root cause here. (Update 3: 11-03-2021) I came across this website that shows nice stats for Roblox (I noticed downdetector only shows 24 hours history by default, not sure how to customize it). I vaguley recall I also see a github repo that can scan the roblox APIs, but… Continue reading Roblox Outage