St. Louis 2006

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Although it won’t be as big as Beijing 2008, St. Louis 2006 US Figure Skating Championship will be a treat for the local skating fans. Last Thursday I got to know we will have this event from Jan 7 to 15. So I started looking for a ticket for the Ladies Free Skate. I watched Michelle Kuan and Sasha Cohen on the TV many times. I believe there will not be many oppertunities to see them compete at the same stage because of Michelle’s age. Although being a Chinese I should wish Michelle to win out but I liked Sasha’s technical skills too. Those two super stars do not get along very well. Also I heard from NPR yesterday Emily Hughes, who is Sara Hughes’ younger sister, will also participate. Sara beated Michelle and won the gold medal at last Olympic Game. A Seattle newspaper put title “American beat Michelle” for that event. Because Michelle is Chinese American, you know how the article angered the Chinese American community at that time. Later the newspaper apologized for its mistake.

I finally bought the ticket on ticketmaster (online) after done some research. I looked at Craigslist and eBay and there are not many. Maybe you can save a small handling fee buying at the Local Schnucks (ticketmaster) counter. I am not sure.

Update: just read from news that Michelle is hurt and may not be able to make the appearance at St. Louis. Let’s hope she will have a quick recovery. Otherwise I will still be happy to see Sasha Cohen — I think she is the best female skater technically.

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