A white Christmas

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I got up this morning at 9 AM and was surprised to found out we had snow last night. Other than that, not too much excitement here in St. Louis. There are a few places open, notably Star Bucks and WalGreen (drug store). I can not go to my favorite Borders or St. Louis (Panera) Bread Co. So I watched two NBA games instead. I had a fairly quite Christmas this time. I remember three years ago we had a big snow in St. Louis during Xmas. In that Xmas night I drove my car into the roadside ditch on the way from friend’s house to my house. Luckily I was not hurt and I got help from AAA to tow my car.

This evening I went to Airport and picked up a friend just back from China. Not surprisingly he also mentioned the difference between Beijing and St. Louis. The following is a post I saw on mitbbs. Please note I don’t necessarily agree with the author’s opinion. I wish next year I could spend my Christmas in Shanghai.

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餐馆酒吧咖啡店百货公司全部是MERRY CHRISTMAS

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