Dumb mistake

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The working days between Xmas and New Year are usually slow. By “slow” I mean not many people will show up and there are not many business activites. I was surprised to see quite a few people showed up this week. Like poor me they ran out of their vacation days. One of my neighbour told me “I don’t really want to be here”. To be honest I have similar feeling. I think most people would rather spend time with families and friends.

But I still have a few bugs to fix. I think my mind was not working great. The first bug is a “code merge” problem, it took me about half an hour to discover and fix — which is normal. The second one was a very simple mistake. At one place the function parameter should be used but I used the local variable. With the local variable no matter what I assigned to her, it does not have any effect on the outcome. It took me about 2 hours to discover my mistake. That was pretty dumb. I don’t know where my mind went…

The good thing is, I fixed one more bug.

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