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We have seen plenty of images on TV on the West Virginia coal mine accident these two days. The outcome was terrible, 12 miners died and one survived. I don’t know how much this get covered in China. Note recently China had many coal mine accidents, which usually involves greater human loss. I believe some people in China may wonder why there are so many miners take the risk to work in coal mines in the US. The US is a rich country, can not find any safer work? Yes or No. There are safer jobs, such as work in WalMart store (no offense to Walmart and its workers), but the pay and benefits will not be as good. Because the miners need the income to support their family, they are willing to take the risk and sacrifice. I believe in those small towns in West Virgina, those are very good and secure jobs. With the globalization, the US manufacuring industry moved many well paid blue colloar jobs to China. The mining industry is an exception.

As a twist, my alma mater, University of Missouri at Rolla, is formerly called Missouri School of Mines. As a “miner” myself, I have great respect for the 12 fallen WV coal miners. They worked hard to support their family. While in danger, they worked together to build up the barricade. I only wish may they rest in heaven, and God bless their family and loved ones.

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