Youth self defense class at SLMCS

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update 01-07-2022) The Chinese school starting date for Winter / Spring semester is pushed out by 2 weeks. So the below class will start on Jan 23rd instead of Jan 9th, 2022. Please refer to the SLMCS class link for more up-to-date details. (Original) “Youth self defense” class in the STL Modern Chinese school, this… Continue reading Youth self defense class at SLMCS

Mental health break

Reading Time: < 1 minute Two more off days for the kids and teachers before thanksgiving holidays. Please note I still have 2 vacation days to cover it (also I WFH full time since March 2020 pandemic shutdown). Btw, I heard mental health break is getting popular among school districts (public schools), so there is peer pressure there. || The… Continue reading Mental health break

JCC St. Louis and my exercise

Reading Time: 3 minutes JCC St. Louis (2 locations, Creve Coeur and Chesterfield) are very good. I joined JCC in early 2012 mostly for its exercise facilities. At the time I got discounted rate through my employer, and at the same time the employer paid 3/4 of the membership fee. Over the years I changed my employer couple times,… Continue reading JCC St. Louis and my exercise

Year 2013 in review

Reading Time: 2 minutes Job I changed too much. Three W-2 in one year. I hope to stick with my current employer for a while. Family Our daughter grew up quickly. She brings us joy that words can not be easily described. And frustration sometimes, too. I think patience is very important being parent. Near the year end, we… Continue reading Year 2013 in review

2012 Year in Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes I took this cue from Kurby Turner, the independent Mac/iOS developer, as I think it might be helpful to reflect a year’s work, life, effort, etc. As the old Chinese saying goes “Ji Wang Kai Lai” (learn from past, and look forward to the future). New job: Software Development Today is my one year anniversary… Continue reading 2012 Year in Review

Baby is one year old

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quite a few changes lately. The most obvious one, is she likes to talk, which is opposite to her parents (we both don’t talk much). The most common words out of her mouth is “ma ma”, “ba ba” (Chinese words for dad), and more recently something like “done”. She started to pull up to stand… Continue reading Baby is one year old

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Reading Time: < 1 minute Fazoli’s is fast Italian food restaurant chain. I used to work at a company where there is a nearby Fazoli’s. It’s became my preferred lunch place, after I went there a few times with co-worker (and order Chicken Caesar Sandwich only, because in the beginning I don’t eat pastas, being from China I eat noodles… Continue reading Fazoli’s

Felt blessed: looking back at 2010

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s Christmas eve 2010. Baby already fell asleep. Wife is tweaking her new Toshiba R705 laptop, and I was reading some Navigation controller stuff while watching TV (PBS Christmas program, KMOV news). This year is obviously one of the most significant years in my 13 years stay in this country. In early March, we got… Continue reading Felt blessed: looking back at 2010