Some random thoughts on teen sports

Reading Time: 3 minutes Something random came to my mind the other day. I think overall our middle schools, high schools and some colleges *may* have emphasized too much on sports, especially team sports. I can see that from the NCAA Division I sports, basketball and football, etc. The reason I am saying that is twofold. We have limited… Continue reading Some random thoughts on teen sports

Chat with Serenity

Reading Time: < 1 minute Nike AirMax 270 This afternoon Serenity told me #Nike #Airmax 270 is the most popular shoe at LMS. Good stock tip. I cannot wait to buy $NKE on Tuesday morning. || Btw, she said it’s overpriced and doesn’t really care: similar attitude to the #Lulelemon 🙂 The war against drugs seems backfired, from YouTube video.… Continue reading Chat with Serenity

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American Healthcare Systems I:美国的医疗系统系列之一

Reading Time: 3 minutes American healthcare systems are probably the most convoluted healthcare system in the world. The US probably has the world most advanced medical device and pharmaceuticals industry, many brilliant doctors and great hospitals, e.g., the BJC hospital in the St. Louis area, which is one of the top research hospital in the USA. At the same… Continue reading American Healthcare Systems I:美国的医疗系统系列之一

Alternatives to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Reading Time: < 1 minute The three legacy social networks 🙂 I have been using the 3 for a while, since 2008 to be precise. I started using LinkedIn after I switched job in Nov 2008 (amid financial crisis), because I realized I want to look for a developer job quickly after I jumped ship. I cannot remember the reasons… Continue reading Alternatives to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

My cars over the years

Reading Time: 4 minutes No I don’t drive the Rivian but I drive the Toyota Sienna next to it: owned it for 9 years now (since summer 2013). It was the main car (minivan) I drove in last 9 years, with the exception of sometimes I drove my wife’s Camry for the purpose of saving gasoline, or taking care… Continue reading My cars over the years

My Zhenhai Middle School Days我在镇海中学的日子

Reading Time: 6 minutes Our old daughter Serenity is entering 7th grade this school year, as I said somewhere else, in 6 years she will very likely attend college. Use her word, “I want to a quality college such as Columbia U”. I know she wanted to be a wildlife biologist and last I checked she has no intention… Continue reading My Zhenhai Middle School Days我在镇海中学的日子

A run group for LMS 7th grader kids (or 6th, 8th grade kids, or kids, siblings in similar age range)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Any questions please let me know || Mobile: 314 540 2721 || Email: (Update 11-18-2022) We ended the daylight saving time for the year. The sunset is usually at about 5 pm, thus 4:30 pm starting time will give about 30 minutes time. More importantly, the weather is becoming a bit cold as the… Continue reading A run group for LMS 7th grader kids (or 6th, 8th grade kids, or kids, siblings in similar age range)


Reading Time: 2 minutes I started a Twitter thread on Alcohol recently. I have not finished it yet, and I am in a bit relapse now. But I will attempt to rewrite it as a blog. Or reflection. I think the most important thing of all, is we need to make sure we don’t get drunk often, or have… Continue reading Alcohol