A run group for LMS 7th grader kids (or 6th, 8th grade kids, or kids, siblings in similar age range)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Any questions please let me know || Mobile: 314 540 2721 || Email: minjie.xu@gmail.com (Update 09-30-2022) Last Friday the shower ruined it. Let’s resume today, it seems the weather will be nice. Of course with #stlwx, weather forecast is really hard, as it could change in 5 minutes 🙂 (Update 09-19-2022) We had 3 kids… Continue reading A run group for LMS 7th grader kids (or 6th, 8th grade kids, or kids, siblings in similar age range)


Reading Time: 2 minutes I started a Twitter thread on Alcohol recently. I have not finished it yet, and I am in a bit relapse now. But I will attempt to rewrite it as a blog. Or reflection. I think the most important thing of all, is we need to make sure we don’t get drunk often, or have… Continue reading Alcohol


Reading Time: < 1 minute Personal opinion: the coffee from ALDI is pretty good; so was the regular half & half (creamer) from Costco. On the flip side: probably 1st world problem, the store brand coffee from the biggest grocery store in St. Louis 圣村 is not good.

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Probability and compounding

Reading Time: 4 minutes I came across an interesting probability problem yesterday. It was in Chinese, but I will translate it into English below. The defensive missile can shoot down the offensive missile successfully 70% of the time. If the defense shoot 3 missiles toward the offensive missile, what’s the probability that they are successful? Think about it for… Continue reading Probability and compounding

Weekend thoughts 05-14-2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes Indoctrination (powered by Oxford Language): the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. When I grew up in China, I recall my first Chinese lesson is “Chairman Mao lives always in our heart” (毛主席永远活在我们心中)。I recall the time when Chairman Mao passed away: when I was about 5. That’s… Continue reading Weekend thoughts 05-14-2022

Weekend review 03-05-2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute I wrote this review a few days late, due to a few factors. One is the war in Ukraine which get many people’s attention including mine. I know there is a lot of tension on WeChat as well (especially the WeChat shorts for the lack of good word, basically its the WeChat’s answer to TikTok,… Continue reading Weekend review 03-05-2022

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