US Figure Skating Championship

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I went to see the Ladies Free Skate program this evening, by myself. Yes, I understand this is not common for a guy go there alone. But due to unusual circumstances – my friends forgot to put me on the mailing list when they planned to buy the tickets; and I forgot to notify another friend about the event. To make me feel worse, the ticket inspector and my neighbour asked me the question “just yourself” with surprise. OK, I promise next time I will bring someone when I go there.

The event itself is pretty amazing. I understand Michelle Kuan’s withdrawl due to injury may be a disappointment for some people. But to be honest, I like Sasha Cohen better. She seemed grow up eventually. Although she still made some small mistakes, but she control herself much better. It’s very hard to do 6 or 7 triple jump without a glitch. Think about its mathematical probability (0.9*0.9*0.9…), if we assume Sasha could do it perfectly 90% of the time.

In the middle of the game, all the US figure skater Olympic Champions were honored. From 1948 Olympic Champion (I believe he is 80 years old) to 2002 Sara Hughes (college student in Yale), there are about a dozen people. With the big screen showing the videos of their performance in Olympics, all the audiences stood up and gave the applause. It’s a very emotional moment.

At that moment I also thought about the champions of former Soviet Union’s. I think they have won many Olympic championships too. I hope they can be recognized by their countries in some way.

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