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I was pretty busy lately. Getting ready for the upcoming China trip, and tried to get some work done before I leave. I even put in some hours after the dinner these days — I have not worked that hard for a while. My effort seems paid off today. My new functionality worked. I was a bit too excited and then I made a stupid mistake — I checked in all my changes to the source code control system without much testing. Soon after I found out I can not run my program with a simple case (which used to work), I felt the seriousness of the problem. So what did I do? I backed out all my changes and ran the program, it worked. Then I put in one change and ran the test, see if it works…and so on. Eventually I found the cause.

I was not sure about my programming career in the past year. But recently I fell in love with my job again. I think I like the time pressure, the design process, the intelligent discussion with my coworkers, debugging, and solving real problem for the customers. I am also very thankful for my boss for his trust, understanding, and the interesting projects he gave me. I think he is smart (much smarter than me), because he knows by keeping me happy, I could be more productive too.

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