Olympics figure skating

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The highlights of the Torino Olympics, Ladies figure skating will start tonight. American Sasha Cohen and Russian Irina Sluskaya will be the favorites. While I like both of them, I hope Irina could win because she went through a lot (illness) in recent years and I like her personality better. Compared to Sasha, Irina is more mature and more easy going. There could be some dark horses in the event, just like Tara Lipinski and Sara Hughes in 1998 and 2002. Michelle Kwan was favorite in both events, but she did not win the gold because those young girls did better. I guess it’s just the nature (or the beauty) of life: there is always something unexpected.

A side note: in the past week I enjoyed watching China CCTV channel 5 coverage on Winter Olympics, which is mainly about Chinese athlets. After I came back, when I watch the NBC Olympics program, it mainly shows American athlets. I have to go to web if I want to know how Chinese did.

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