Youth self defense class at SLMCS

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update 01-07-2022) The Chinese school starting date for Winter / Spring semester is pushed out by 2 weeks. So the below class will start on Jan 23rd instead of Jan 9th, 2022. Please refer to the SLMCS class link for more up-to-date details. (Original) “Youth self defense” class in the STL Modern Chinese school, this… Continue reading Youth self defense class at SLMCS

Virtual Learning

Reading Time: < 1 minute I normally use google calendar for kiddos’ Zoom meetings. My older daughter who is going to be FGC dragon knows get to Zoom via Google classroom. I can train her on the google calendar too. But now I am thinking I will take Monday off for the full time support of virtual learning (I feel… Continue reading Virtual Learning

Let it go

Reading Time: < 1 minute and Chinese version.

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uudaddy got 2nd employee

Reading Time: < 1 minute This 9-month-old young lady. Her first endeavor in Xcode I think she is still a winner although there were 62 compile errors. You know why? Because Youyou tried (I am quoting my 5 and half years old niece).

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World cup 2010 thoughts

Reading Time: 2 minutes The soccer World Cup 2010 is already well in the process. This is also the first time An african country hosting the cup, interesting and exciting for the continent and the host South Africa. I noticed soccer’s popularity grew in the US over the years, from the 1998 word cup to this year. ESPN/ABC broadcast… Continue reading World cup 2010 thoughts