Category: Fun

Reading Time: 2 minutes and I got to learn how to connect the water supply to the fridge’s water dispenser/ice maker. We bought the fridge from Costco. Our old one eventually gave up. I recall I talked about it here (this “GE Refrigerator Ice Maker not working” section). And on Sunday when I was walking at the J indoor

December 1, 2023

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yesterday (11-24-2023) was Black Friday, and I think I haven’t done shopping on BF for a while. Until this year. We did a bit BF shopping, mainly for our 13 year old as she was interested. She seems know some of the deals including the Bose bluetooth headset (Costco has $120 off deal). I didn’t

November 25, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes And eat some moon cakes. I just realized I wrote something about mid autumn festival way back in year 2007. I believe I was in Shanghai when I wrote this, and it was after we had honey moon in San’ya, Hainan, China. Time flies. Now we have 2 kids, and I don’t see any special

September 29, 2023

Reading Time: 5 minutes I put the double quotes around because looking back I don’t think I would die. Probably “scared to death” is more appropriate. But at the time I was really scared. It was probably in my 1st grade or 2nd grade, I cannot remember exactly. Maybe my parents or siblings or the aunt who helped me

September 8, 2023

Reading Time: 5 minutes (Picture above Hilary Hahn, who plays the violin for Suzuki book 1; the piano was played by Natalie Chen) My younger one started the Suzuki violin lesson recently. I heard about the Suzuki violin lesson a long time ago (more than 10 years ago), when my older one was little. But we didn’t pick violin

August 18, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes (Update 10-28-2023) Senior moment of yesterday: I was trying to find my Sienna minivan key, via the Tile app. I left it in the minivan after I filling the air for the tires. The reason I left key there was earlier I needed the accessories ON to power the portal air pump. So I was

April 24, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Something random came to my mind the other day. I think overall our middle schools, high schools and some colleges *may* have emphasized too much on sports, especially team sports. I can see that from the NCAA Division I sports, basketball and football, etc. The reason I am saying that is twofold. We have limited

February 1, 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes No I don’t drive the Rivian but I drive the Toyota Sienna next to it: owned it for 9 years now (since summer 2013). It was the main car (minivan) I drove in last 9 years, with the exception of sometimes I drove my wife’s Camry for the purpose of saving gasoline, or taking care

October 23, 2022

Reading Time: 4 minutes (Update 11-16-2023) I created a MFS FAQ blog post today: I used some of the content below, plus some of the common questions being asked in last year or so. In the future, I will try to maintain/update that one. (Update 11-02-2023) A few parents asked about the “1st test” PDF file. It’s the first

September 5, 2022
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