Software bugs

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I received a letter from Missouri Department of Revenue yesterday. And it says my tax return for the year 2004 was invalid. That made me nervous. I scambled to look at my 2004 return which is done by Turbo Tax software, and other supporting documents. I found out an obvious problem eventually.

I should have taken a look at the tax return prepared by the software but I did not. I guess the lesson here is don’t trust the software blindly. The good thing is the consequence is not life or death situation, it’s going to cost me money though.

Software bug is just a way of life, sadly. Just like we human being could have illness one way or the other. But some software bugs can cause real big trouble, such as fail the space mission, explode gas pipe, kill patients, etc. Here is an article I saw from the Wired News. It lists 10 worst software bugs in the history. Interesting reading if you have time.

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