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My work is not easy these days. I have to solve some problems and the deadline is approaching quickly. I feel sitting before the computer all the day (don’t we all do that?) is not helpful for my health. So I tried to find some time for exercises after I came back from China.

I played basketball and tennis last week. This week one day when I got off work, I suddenly got the idea of playing golf. There is a drive range close to my work place so I went there and took some shots. While all these are good I found I could fit exercise into my daily routine. In the morning I walk to the St. Louis Bread Co. , get the bagel and walk back to my home. It’s about 15 minutes walk. In the evening I walk to the Schucks, the grocery store. I think I have been spoiled because I have a car for too long. Now that I walked to the Metro stations in Shanghai every morning, I decided to do similar things in the States. Personally I think it’s a better life style. And I am very fortunate because I live close to those places.

In St. Louis there are not many such places. Clayton, the county seat and business center, is pedestrian friendly. Creve Coeur, the city where I live, is also planning to build up a downtown. The developers are building new condos there (the price starting from 400 K). Imagine you can walk to movie theater, shopping center, office, fittness place, coffee shop, restaurant,…how wonderful life will be. Not to mention the saving of gas bill and the time spent on traffic.

OK, I am dreaming again.

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