March Madness

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I watched quite a bit NCAA men’s basketball this weekend. Although I am not a big basket ball fan, I like to watch college basktet ball (more than NBA) because the college game is more fun. First, the game is shorter (40 minutes total). Second, I can see more team work in play because there are no super stars like Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. Thirdly, the result is harder to predict, unknown school can upset the favorite in this one-game format. Yesterday Bradley beat Pittsburgh, this is the first time Bradley went to sweet 16 since 1955. Then George Mason came back from double digit deficit, and beat last year’s champion UNC. Also George Town knocked off big school Ohio State. It school named after “George” is rewarded this time.

While I enjoyed all these craziness, I really wished Missouri had a team in the first round (64 teams). I used to take MU (U. of Missouri at Columbia) as my home team because I went to UM – Rolla. But MU disappointed me and a lot fans last two years. Hope I can see them in next year’s NCAA conference.

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