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Went to the Business School at Washington U. this afternoon, to listen Jack Welch’s talk about “Leadership”. I read his two books, and have some idea of the topic. Some of the take aways from his talk:

1) Work with tough minded (rather than nice) and fair people, so that you will get rigorous training early in the career.

2) Evaluating people is very important task and skill. In GE one of Jack’s main job is picking the right people and leadership development. Also in GE the VP of Human Resource is more important then CFO. Because developing people is more important than keeping the score (Jack’s word).

3) Authenticity: be true to yourself.

4) Be curious: learning all the time.

This is a part of MBA course at Wash. U. Olin School of Business.
“Creating Exceptional Value: Performance Without Compromise”
Guest Speaker Simulcast Series

This spring we have a lineup of outstanding CEOs and senior executives who will be visiting Olin as part of a full-time MBA class taught by Chuck Knight, Chairman Emeritus, Emerson, in collaboration with Anjan Thakor, Senior Associate Dean and John E. Simon Professor of Finance.

Here is the link.

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