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I have not been to the Borders for a few months. This evening when I visited the Borders at Creve Coeur, I was glad to see, Gene Operle, a local musician, was getting ready to perform. I remembered I listened to his Country songs a year ago, also at Borders (can not remember whether it was at Sunset Hills or Creve Coeur). When I heard the “Rhythm of the rain”, “Sometimes we touch”, and “Rockie Mountain High”, all the familar songs I used to listen in college, I felt like seeing old friends again. Gene is going to perform on May 13 at Sunset Hills, I will try to be there and enjoy it again.

Here is a map of the Borders store.

There are other public (free) performance at Borders. I attended Mark Biehl’s musical performance last year and it was also good.

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