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I started to watch Steve Nash when he was playing for Dallas Maverick a few years ago. I guess I watched Dallas because of Wang Zhizhi. Recently Steve Nash got the MVP award and his team, Phoenix Suns, beat LA lakers and entered second round of Western conference. It was fun to watch Steve and Kobe face to face, shouted at each other on the court; and for me it was more fulfilling to see Steve won because I like him better. Unlike Kobe, Steve looks just like an ordinary person. I heard he lets his girl friend decide his hair style. On the court, he is the leader. When other guys are cold, he makes the shots; when other guys are hot, he makes them better. From physical condition, he definitely can not match with most guys in the NBA. He also has some back injuries which prevents him to sit down during break. But all these did not stop him doing the amazing things.

Will the Sun rise to the top? I don’t know. But I hope they will.

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