My car could not start

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Monday morning, 8:45 AM, when I turned the car key, it barely clicked and could not start. I was not panick but I started wondering what to do: call my neighbour to give me a jump because my car is stuck in between theirs, not a good idea, it’s too early and I barely know them; call AAA but it will take a while; work at home? It’s OK but I really want to have the freedom of the car.

I opened the hood, started looking at the battery, the negative side was fine, how about the positive side under the cover? All kinds of green stuff. Ha ha, I found the root cause. I had this problem before. Last time (long long time ago) the mechanic showed me how to clean it. I got the toolbox, and used to screw driver to clean up the battery connection. After that, when I turned the key again, it worked! I was able to rock and roll again.

This is not a hard problem. I was able to figure it out because I had similar experience before. I believe many car problems are not that hard if we can learn step by step. Last time I tightened the bumper using a washer. I paid $0.16 for the materials. Initially I was asking the car shop people but they seemed don’t care (to do this small job), so I did it by myself.

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