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前两天说到找Roommate, 有各种各样的人回应. 从种族上分, 有白人, 黑人, 印度人, 中国人. 其实找Roommate毕竟不是找老婆, 没必要那么认真. 我不是种族歧视, 但是我对美国的黑人还是有一些切身体会, 憋在心里不吐不快.

我有一个中国朋友特别不喜欢, 看不起黑人, 同时又有点害怕黑人. 我想大多数在美国的中国人也抱有类似的心理. 主要原因还是因为缺少了解. 说实话, 黑人多数是比较穷, 可能在有的方面素质差一些, 但是他们毕竟比华人早来新大陆一二百年, 在政治上的地位和自我的感觉比我们华人不知道要高(好)多少. 这听上去可能有点不可思忆, 却是不争的事实.

前不久在电视上看到这样一个的故事, 一个在美国出生的亚裔(成功女性), 人家这样问她: Where are you from? 从心底里面, 多数人还是认为我们这些黑眼睛黄皮肤的人”是从其它地方来的”. 这在我所在的美国中西部就很明显.

就我个人而言, 我碰到过很好的黑人(我的同事), 也碰到过极差的黑人. 我的黑人同事Programmer, 他是我们公司最好的Programmer之一, 曾经上过MIT, 人也极好(Nice). 反过来, 当我刚来St.Louis住在公司附近(黑人较多), 曾经接到过黑人的骚扰电话, 放在家门口的拖鞋无故不见, 出去散步回来发现房门是开的. 总之叫了两回警察. 最倒霉的一次, 过绿灯时车被一个黑人撞了(估计是急着去上班). 跟她说好大家把车都停到加油站, 结果她趁机跑掉. 第二天自己当了一回侦探把她抓到, 她又没有买保险.

说到这, 又想起一个一面之交的黑人. 有一回买了个27寸的电视, 从停车场吃力地往家搬, 有个黑人兄弟正好看到, 二话没说就过来帮忙.

说了这么多, 我的大意是不要用公式化地去看黑人, 白人, 老中, 老印, 所有的人. 哪里都有好人和坏人. 

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  1. Hello! this is another great post I came cross this pm. Have been spending 8 hours today literally (felt like a full-time job) sitting still and getting engrossed in wonderful reflections of my admirable bloggers on the web today. Set a goal for myself for the readings to be done this week and had to meet that. And, yours is my final restful stop for today.

    As to your thoughts on stereotyping, I couldn’t agree more. Ignorance is the root of all evils..including this very topic.

    As always, thanks for sharing…and this is my $0.02 for you to ponder (credit to one of my favorite bloggers):

    “I am reminded of a farmer who came upon some very special seed. His neighbors asked him to share, but he refused. When the crops grew and the winds began to blow, his crop was soon overcome by the neighboring fields. Had he shared, everyone would have been able have a successful crop. Instead, no one did. When great ideas are shared, everyone can succeed.”

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