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MUNY is probablly one of the best kept secrets in St. Louis. Not sure the full name of MUNY, but it is America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theater. It’s located in the Forest Park. Besides great musical shows, it has another nice feature: it reserves the last a few rows of seats for public for free. You can see the schedule of the shows for this season here.

I went to see the show “AIDA” last night. I went back again tonight because I have to leave early last night. It’s a love story from ancient Egypt, filled with wars etc. Although I probablly only understand 30-40% of the English, I did understand the story because it’s a live show and I watched it almost twice. I will try to write a summary of the story in Chinese/中文 sometime when I have more free time.

Here is a picture I took at last year’s MUNY. You can have an idea what’s it like.

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