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There are a lot of hype about Web 2.0 lately. As I learned more about it and I believe some are not just hypes, e.g., the RSS, XML, and the bookmarking site with social networking and tagging capabilities. I have 5 computers (3 at home, and 2 at work), and I used 3 of them frequently. I would like to have the same bookmarks (or favorites in Internet Explorer). solved this problem for me. And its registration, install and use are fairly staightforward.

Besides keeping all my bookmarks (or good article) in one place. I can add “tags” which helps me to identify the content. So far I don’t have anyone in my network. But from the bookmark I can find out people with similar interest, etc. is currently owned by Yahoo, as is the flickr photo sharing web site (also features the tags). Don’t overlook this “tag” thing, it’s like put your own key word for the content (the alternate way is let computer figure out), which I believe is more semantically correct in most cases.

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