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I have not figured out the best way to search my posts. The Word Press (blogging software I am using here) provides a default search button, which is at the top of the side bar, does a decent job and will show all the post with the “key word”. The reader need to use the browser’s “Find” functionality to narrow down the actual key word in the post.

I also noticed when people do “baidu” search “Small Talk程序”, my web page is shown in the result: 2006 January
Small Talk” computer language, I am referring to “conversation starters”, or “…Leader(PL),PL是一个技术领导的位置,通常他们自己也写程序,但最重要的是他们要分析用户需求,搭建软件框架,指导… 36K 2006-7-6 百度快照

But as you noticed it will show the archive page of Jan which contains the key word “Small Talk”. Again the user needs to use “Find” in the browser.

Similar thing for Google. Or worse, right now it only shows the main page. I guess my blog is not popular enough to be noticed by Google. But anyway as an experiment, I put the Google search button at the bottom the side bar so the user has an option. I was thinking, ideally when the user search, the result can be narrowed or even better highlighted.

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