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Reading Time: < 1 minute Followed this instruction move away from bluehost; and move domain into godaddy. Most instructions are accurate, except one needs to ping pong couple times, started from bluehost first, then at godaddy website, after that I received email from godaddy asking about the transfer, go ahead and use the information in the email to start the

July 11, 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes I did an experiment recently trying to move my wordpress website from a shared hosting site to Amazon aws ec2 micro instance (t1). The migration was mostly successful, I did not make the move eventually due to some technical and non-technical reasons. Nonetheless, I would like to share some of the lesson I learned from

November 29, 2014

Reading Time: 2 minutes I found out this site was hacked yesterday evening, as I saw the loading of site on Safari was slower than usual. It also shows incorrect theme, more like a plain theme. With the admin link redirect to spammer site. I decided to tackle it right away. I recall about one year ago something similar

June 24, 2014

Reading Time: < 1 minute The loyal visitors of my blog may notice the face lift of this blog. I am using simplicity-10-widgets theme from solosteam webstudio, courtesy of Michael D. Pollock. It is fairly easy to set up but it did take me some time to upgrade my wordpress from 2.0 to 2.2, and get side bars working. I

December 9, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute There is an old saying “one can not teach old dog new tricks”. This exactly applied to me, I am talking about programming for my blog. More accurately, I could not get the time of this blog correct. This blog is hosted in a hosting company at Utah (US Mountain time), and I normally live

August 21, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute I added “related post” functions to this blog today. Basically it will show “related posts” at the end of each article if you go to each post (by clicking on the title). Hopefully this will make navigation of this blog a bit easier. Now we have search on the side bar (search by word, search by Google),

May 20, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute I got lots of spams (spamming comments) lately. Thus I decided to use the special anti-spam program for now. If you feel your comments have been mistakenly treated as “spam”, shoot me an email and I will manually revert it. I will also check it regularly to make sure legimate comments don’t get treated as

January 21, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute I organized the links at the right side a little. Now I have the following categories. The link ends with * means you can not get access to it inside China, thanks to the GFW. BLOG: the blogs I read often, most of them are written by my friends. gseeker: I like this Chinese blog

November 6, 2006

Reading Time: < 1 minute I added the “tags” for this blog. There are two places you can see the “tags”: under the time in each post; the right side bar (under “tags”). So what is “tag” exactly? Using non-technical terms, tags is like “key words”. “Tag” helps organize and search the blogs. To use it, you just simply click on the “tag”, and

October 25, 2006

Reading Time: < 1 minute I changed the location of this blog from to I don’t expect anything to break because of this change. You should see some improvement on the web page loading time after the move. Since nothing is perfect in life, do let me know if you see any problems. Thanks!

October 22, 2006
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