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Buying a house is probablly the biggest investment most people make during their life time. In past few years, as I was looking for my first house, and accompanying my friends for their house hunting, I have seen lots of houses in St. Louis area. The price ranged from 100 K to 800 K; the square feet from under 1000 to 5000; stylewise from condo, to townhouse, villa to Single Family House; agewise from more than 50 years old to brand new. So which one impressed me the most?     

It’s not the 800 K mansion, although I liked the size (2 stories plus basement), the atrium, the family (game) room, etc. Here is a picture of the luxury home:

Spring Mill at St. Charles


Besides I can not afford it (the house itself and utility bills), I think the house is too big for me. It is designed for a family of five I think.

My favorite place, is a townhouse I saw recently. It’s a decent size town house with lots of light (San Francisco style). Here is a link. And here is a picture from inside.

Town house

That’s about the right size for me. I can imagine I will be very happy just sit on that sofa and look out of the windows, doing nothing.

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