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Just got back from a 3 weeks China trip and it was fantastic, except now I have to recover from the jet lag. I received an email from a new friend titled “给最真诚的人敬礼“. To be honest, this email made me feel real good. While in Shanghai I had similar experience when a friend gave the comment that I am a 真诚 person. Seriously, I know I am far from perfect. In most times I do have 真诚, but sometimes I do fall short.

真诚 probablly is the single most important factor in friendship and relationship, especially in the online world (e.g., dating). But we all ignore it sometimes. We craved for something else instead: appearance, height, weight, education level, status (single/divorce; green card or citizenship), wealth, etc. Not that those things are not important. I think some are very important for a good match (such as education); some are very practical, for instance, if you have only Green Card and want to bring your spouse over, the waiting time is about 5 years at this time. But, (borrow a word from a friend), without 真诚, where is the love?

I believe in 真诚 because deep in my heart I am still optimistic. Although I have heard and read many not-so-good stories in past 2 years, e.g., while in China I got this book titled “网络姻缘”(Matching on Internet) by Jie Huang, it is a collection of some real stories of Chinese girls who eventually married guys in the US. While some are for the love, some are not 🙁

Another reason I believe in 真诚 is because of an old saying “what comes around, goes around”. In simple English, it says if you treat people unfairly, you will also be treated not fairly by other people soon or later. This probablly is hard to prove but I found it’s usually true in many occassions.

Finally I want to end my essay with my own story (not about love). Yesterday while I was in Panera Bread, the old lady sits beside me could not find her cell phone, she asked me in very suspicious tone. I told her maybe her husband has taken it and suggest her use her husband cell to call her own cell. My guess was correct. The lady eventually apologized to me.

I wish I would meet fewer people like the old lady in the future.

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