Home Inns IPO Date

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I could not find the offical date for the IPO date. The only thing official is it will debut this week. Since now it’s 12:50 PM Eastern Time, I don’t think it will go out today. That means we only have 2 days left.

Sohu has an aritlcle which did mention it will go on Oct 26 evening Beijing time. But it also says it’s the Oct 25 US day time. So go figure.

Also, the yahoo Finance is up for “HMIN”, although there is no content.

Incidentally, the World Series game 4 is rained out today. My sympathy to those people who paid “pretty penny” for the tickets. I heard the tickets start from $500 on the market.

PS, according to Sohu, the price for Home Inns share is $13.80 and it will go out Oct 26. This thing is as intense as  the baseball World Series 🙂  

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