Home Inns is Getting Expensive

Reading Time: < 1 minute I mean the stocks, not the motel price. It’s being mentioned by IBD (Investors Business Daily) as No. 1 stock this Monday. IBD publishes 100 stocks every Monday based on its own rating system. Because a lot institutional investors trade stocks based on the IBD (whether there is merits or not is another story), the stock went… Continue reading Home Inns is Getting Expensive

Home Inns IPO Date

Reading Time: < 1 minute I could not find the offical date for the IPO date. The only thing official is it will debut this week. Since now it’s 12:50 PM Eastern Time, I don’t think it will go out today. That means we only have 2 days left. Sohu has an aritlcle which did mention it will go on Oct 26… Continue reading Home Inns IPO Date

Bubble is building

Reading Time: < 1 minute Home Inns (Rujia, ticker symbol HMIN), which is due to IPO this week, is getting $ 1.0 billion orders for its $ 95 million listing (7.9 million shares in the range of $ 10 to 12, with over allocatement option of 1.185 million shares). See the article from Reuters here. Does anyone has the order vs.… Continue reading Bubble is building

Analysis of Home Inn and Jin Jiang

Reading Time: < 1 minute I saw this Chinese article about Home Inn and Jin Jiang. The author obviously did a good job here. For those who can not read Chinese, Jin Jiang Star is a competitor of Home Inn (Ru Jia). Jin Jiang Group started this economy hotel chain in 1997 (note Ru Jia started in 2002). From Home Inn’s F-1 Form, I… Continue reading Analysis of Home Inn and Jin Jiang